Whether you need to just add a couple of cable drops or all new Structured Cabling, we can provide it all from system design to final competition and certification.

Do I need to upgrade my cabling?

The majority of Cat5e cabling only allows speeds up to 100 MBps. Consider the following questions when evaluating your cabling requirements in light of the higher speeds that newer data applications are demanding.

  1. Is your cable plant certified and tested?
  2. At what speeds can/should you move your data?
  3. Does your system require an upgrade from Cat5e to Cat 6, or even Fiber?
  4. What wireless options are available?

Businesses often purchase new equipment such as computers, switches, and services but do not upgrade or test their cable plants to make sure that they can accommodate the new higher data speeds. Many times these businesses do not see improvement with their equipment because their data cabling just isn’t suited to handle the increased speeds.

We can help resolve these issues and custom design a cable plant solution for your company. From installing a simple jack for your fax machine to engineering a high-tech voice/data infrastructure utilizing the latest in technology, you can rely on us for all of your cabling needs. Contact us for more information.