We offer quality Commercial communication systems for businesses from 5 to 500 employees with the option of ONE SOURCE for Integration of Business Telephone, data cabling, Video Surveillance, or access control from one company.

Structured Cabling

Whether you need to just add a couple of cable drops or all new Structured Cabling, we can provide it all from system design to final competition and certification.

Business Telephone Systems

Our Owner has been involved in Business PBX from the early 1980s to 2019. In the late 1990’s when Voice Over IP was first introduced in Arizona some of the very first Inter-Tel VoIP Phones systems were installed prior to Cisco even entering the VoIP market. Now the latest generation of combination systems is called a VoIP-Hybrid. Today we offer VoIP-Hybrid solutions that will accommodate any combination of Non-hosted VoIP/Digital system you may require. Some of the newer applications are time saving and easy to use, however it is easy to get sold a lot of technology you pay dear for and do not need. Let us help you sort through what you can use efficiently and what you don’t need to pay for.

Video Surveillance or CCTV

We live in times where we need to guard our property and employees from harm. Sometime the harm comes from within. Today’s Surveillance systems are a big improvement on systems that are even 5 years old. With the new Digital cameras and the ability to zoom in electronically on images to acquire details impossible to see from the older Analog Cameras. If you have a group of older cameras but need to only upgrade a few locations we can re-use your old cameras and mix/match them with new IP Cameras in strategic locations. We offer a FREE assessment of your system and what it would take to bring it up to today’s standards. If you are just starting to consider a system let us help you see what are your options are.

Access Control

Sometimes access control is as simple at giving out some keys, but if you have over a few employees and want to give them access at only certain times of day, yet others 24 hours, and want to read a report on when each person came in and left, then maybe a “Centralized Access Control System” is right for you. We can also INTEGRATE the Access Control with your Video Surveillance customized system to work for you. LOCKDOWN is a new aspect of Access Control that many are starting to look for. Your access control can be versatile enough to provide lock all outside doors with the single push of a button, for threats in an Emergency Situation.