About Our Ownership

As a Veteran Owned Business, our owner is a native of North Eastern Montana from Scobey Montana.   The owner is an industry Veteran as well with over 35 Years of experience in the field of low Voltage communications including;  Business Telephone Systems, Nurse Call Systems, Public Address , Intercom, Video Surveillance, Access Control, Wander Management  and Structured Cabling Systems.

Service Area

Our current shop and staging area is in Billings Montana and we serve customers from Cutbank Montana to Casper Wyoming.  Our Philosophy is “Under Promise-Over Deliver”  We are not a large company but we are a professional company and treat our customers with the appropriate respect and attention they deserve.

Consulting Services

Experience is essential to understanding the applications of all of the systems above.   The Key to helping customers understand how systems work and how they can be combined to work together is what we are all about.

Sales and Service

The very first part of “marketing is choosing the product” we want to represent.  We choose to represent products that allow us to deliver the highest in reliability and quality so after the install service is kept to a minimum and we service everything we sell.   Our Senior Technician is a veteran of the telecommunications industry with over 30 years’ experience, starting at age 16 working with his father in California.

Project Management

On New Buildings and retrofits we have the experience to work well with General and Electrical Construction Contractors.  A working knowledge and experience with other trades helps us work together as a “team” to implement your Systems in the most efficient way possible.  Experience in Project Management is absolutely essential.  Our owner’s first project was as the Project Manager for a 5 Floor Executone Nurse Call System at Providence Hospital in Anchorage Alaska in 1986.


It is important to us to not sell you what you may think you want but rather to consult with you and to help you understand the product that fits your company’s best interest in order to deliver maximum productivity and Value.   The owner of Heisco LLC is noted for putting himself in your place and works as an advocate for your company and is absolutely opposed to selling you something you do not need.